The Design Process

My design philosophy has evolved through my admiration for and in the spirit of, eighteenth and nineteenth century English and Colonial American makers. Having developed a fondness for contemporary design in modern furniture, I aim to balance between the generations of influence to create furniture pieces that will appeal to a variety of tastes.

Every Piece Starts With a Vision

Sometimes the vision is triggered by a particularly beautiful plank of wood that has been set aside for its aesthetic qualities. Other times, the vision wanders into my thoughts unannounced. If my curiosity continues to develop the idea, it moves to the doodle phase; if the doodling makes sense to me, I’ll eventually settle in front of my drafting table to render a set of scaled drawings. The scaled drawings are used to guide the process of fabrication. As I go to work crafting the vision to tangible, I will scrutinize and make minor embellishments to suit my eye. When I am satisfied with the result, the item will then be made available for public consumption through this website and occasionally, in a gallery. Commissions are welcomed and I commit to creating pieces that will inspire and satiate ones hope that enduring quality still exists.

The Build Process

Using only select, locally sourced hardwoods that have been carefully dried to adequate moisture levels, seasoning is further enhanced by acclimatizing in-shop before shaping begins. The readied material is then fastidiously crafted using a variety of traditional shaping tools and joined, using time honoured methods. After much tooling, shaping and finish preparation, the finely sanded piece is then polished to a glowing lustre by layering several applications of suitable protective oils, waxes and shellacs.

The finished results will vary; from simple utilitarian to contemporary eclectic, but is always influenced by my passion for traditional design, method and uncompromised build quality. I don’t expect universal approval of my work, and I’m comfortable with that. For me, that is the alluring fundamental of art; it leaves open the potential for the individuals’ sensibilities and interpretations. What cannot be questioned however is my devotion to the process of crafting fine quality furniture, created to endure everlasting function and utility.

Contemporary Embraces Traditional
Heirloom Quality Furniture Crafted by Kenneth Havinga